Virtuemart Links not working

Virtuemart links going to some other site.

Generally happens when we change the configuration parameters or when you go from test server to a live server.

Reason the urls are not stored in the database when it is changed instead links are stored in a file called virtuemart.cfg.php inside administrator->components->com_virtuemart.

Trying to search in database would be waste and you will be wondering why the hell it is getting redirected to some other site when there is no links to that site in database.

Follow these steps to recover:-

Go to the file mentioned above

Around line no 34-35 you will see this lines

define( 'URL', 'http://localhost/joomlaoldsite/' );
define( 'SECUREURL', 'https://localhost/joomlaoldsite/' );

Change it to

define( 'URL', 'http://joomlalivesite.tld/' );
define( 'SECUREURL', 'https://joomlalivesite.tld/' );


For any other queries you can jump to our question and answer section.

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