Changing rhuk_milkyway's Default Configurations

Changing rhuk_milkyway's Default Configurations

Note: Rhuk_milkyway's defalt template width is not set. It is actually 'fluid'. The idea behind this is that whatever size screen the user has, the template will fill the whole width.

After logging into the Joomla! 1.5 administrative back end, go to: Extensions - > Template Manager

Once you are in the Template Manager, select the template. There are two ways to do this. One way is to click the title of the Template.


The other way is to click the little radio button, and then click 'edit' on the menu that is at the top of the Template Manager screen.

Before you change any of the settings in the Template Configuration, check to see if the params.ini file is writable. How you do this will vary, based on you web hosting situation. Some will temporarily change the file's permissions to 777 via FTP client, or a File Manager Component for Joomla! to do this. If you experience problems changing the file permissions, check the ownership settings. Refer to the FAQ Why can't I install any extensions?

After setting the file to writable (777), the parameters writable setting will change from 'Unwritable' to 'Writable'

Once you've set set the params.ini file to writable, you can then change the template parameters. There are three different pre-built parameters. Each has a number of different options.

  • Color Variation The color variation setting changes module outline colors and heading texts.
  • Background Variation The background variation setting changes the background color of the template.
  • Template Width The template width setting changes the width of the template.

Color Variation Settings:

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